"Dance"/glitch after any adjustment while tracking

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"Dance"/glitch after any adjustment while tracking

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Has Benro ever explained why the tracker loses its mind for a few seconds after you make any manual adjustment while tracking?
It moves far off target and then back to it, and does not account for any of that time wandering in its tracking so it doesn't actually come back to the point you *wanted* to be when you stopped moving.
So say I'm zoomed way in on Jupiter (or just a portion of the Moon) and I want to recompose the shot, I make a quick adjustment. But now in the 3-4 seconds it takes for it to jump off the target and come back, the target has moved considerably.
I end up having to lead the target in hopes that when the tracker comes back from whatever weird thing its doing it will be
centered again. Often takes like 4-5 attempts to get it "right". And then every so often it just misses completely when it comes back and I lose the target off the screen, necessitating zooming out to find it again, rezoom, maybe refocus.. etc.

The adjustments should be applied *to* the tracking, not in place of it. I think of it like the way RC quadcopters are controlled. Your inputs don't directly drive the speed of the motors. They drive a running simulation of the desired motion, and the flight controller has a PID loop that makes outputs to the motors to constantly minimize the error between the actual motion and the simulation, until they match. In this case the tracker is already simulating a curved track across the sky centered around Polaris, the adjustments should be that track +/- up/down/left/right.

Anyway, I'm generally really happy with this tracker.. but this really bugs me and I'd love to know why Benro thinks it's necessary to do what it does.
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Re: "Dance"/glitch after any adjustment while tracking

Post by Vlad »

I think that this "little dance" is meant to evacuate some stress in the cogs. But it's a pity that after it the tracking is off by some amount and as you said it may take several try to bring back the desired target near the center of the frame using some guess to compensate for the deviation !!
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