Eclipse Tracking Fail - SOLVED!

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Eclipse Tracking Fail - SOLVED!

Post by BlueSkies4920 »

I tried to use my Polaris with Astro to track the annular eclipse in Utah on Oct 14, 2023. To my dismay I couldn't get it to work. The closest function was to do a Sunrise, but several things made this not work.
1. Since the sun had already risen, it wanted to track the next day's sunrise. I couldn't see a way to change the date.
2. The allowed intervals for photos were too short. I'd like to see this changed to allow up to at least several minutes.
3. It would only track until about 3 hours after sunrise. No way to extend this.
I'd like to see the sun tracking function altered in software to allow tracking the sun at any time of day and on any day, with intervals selectable from seconds up to 5 minutes.
If it makes a difference I'm using the Polaris with a Canon R5 and updated to the latest Polaris and Astro firmwares before leaving on this trip.

I ended up ditching the Polaris for the eclipse shoot and manually reframing every few minutes.

Edit: Discovered I should have been using the Astro mode to track the sun. I'm now ready for the next eclipse.

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Re: Eclipse Tracking Fail - SOLVED!

Post by Jmadhavan »

You are correct. You need to use the Astro mode. I have used the Benro Polaris for the last two eclipses (TSE- Australia and the Annular through Utah last year). It worked well. For the TSE I had a 2-camera setup on the mount, and it worked well. I plan to take it for the one in April.
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