Astro tracking improvement.

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Astro tracking improvement.

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I have been testing with my Polaris for a while now, with different focal length lenses up to about 240mm. I have noticed that tracking is a bit hit or miss. Sometimes it is very good and other times, I cannot get it to track very well. Even after releveling realigning etc. But in the end you get what you get without being able to correct in any way, like you would autoguiding a more traditional mount. It would be nice if you could somehow finetune your result.
I know that Pentax with its latest iteration of Astrotracer does exactly that. It no longer needs GPS information. It now takes an exposure of some length and then analyses the movement of the stars or star over the frame and is thus able to judge the actual movement of a star in a particular part of the sky and counters that by moving the sensor opposite during the subsequent exposures.
I wonder if it would be possible to have an option to do the same thing with polaris. So you would calibrate and align, center your object and start tracking. You could then finetune the mount by analyzing say a 1 minute frame to improve on the initial movement that the mount assumes is correct. Especially with longer focal length lenses this would be a very welcome addition. Yesterday I did a sequence of 30 second exposures of Andromeda and all of my frames over the course of an hour had the same trailing in them, direction as well as quantity. With a feature like that you could easily improve inaccurate results.
Let me know what you think.

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