Pathlapse problems

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Pathlapse problems

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Hi everyone,

I like to shoot Pathlapses with Polaris, but I encountered several issues:
1. it happens quite often that to Polaris Wifi stops working during shooting a Pathlapse. Polaris keeps moving and also the camera keeps shooting, but it is no possible to reconnect to Polaris. The only way to do so is to switch Polaris off and restart it.
2. sometimes the Polaris movement is not smooth during Pathlapse. The final video then looks really shaky.
3. might be connected to the problem before: I had one particular incident where Pathlapse movements went completely wrong. I had 2 positions programmed, getting from one to the other was just a simple horizontal rotation (I used only the control slider on the right side when picking the positions). But suddenly in the middle of the path, Polaris started doing a circular movement, also pointing up and down, like when shooting a panorama. It recovered after around 30 images. This of course disturbed my timelapse, but what I find even more worrisome is that my lens might have crashed into a wall if it had been a little closer to it. Remark: the Astro extension was installed when this happened.

I'm using the Android App v3.0.15.

Would be great if these issues could be fixed.

And one more thing: charging the Polaris is VERY slow. I tried several USB plugs and cables (also the one that came with Polaris), but to get from 0% to 100% takes about 8-10 hours. That's much longer than the battery lasts during shooting...

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