Astro kit detection

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Astro kit detection

Post by Alex74 »

Hello every one…

I have just received my Polaris with the astro kit.

It looks like once the Polaris is calibrated and aligned to any sky object, my astro kit is not detected…

I can see that because I don’t have the « tracking button » on the display on the right bottom corner…
As well, if I want to try and switch to L bracket option, I have a msg displayed on the top indicating the astro kit is not connected….

My app is up to date… and same with the latest firmware version and off course, the USB C cable is connected in between the astro kit and the Polaris via the « extra » socket….

Anyone have an idea ?
Support have been emailed… waiting for an answer

Thanks you everyone .
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Re: Astro kit detection

Post by Sockeye »

My first thought is you may have mixed up the cables. The USB-C cables (cam connect, astro-connect, power charge) are all wired differently and cannot be exchanged. (appart from the power one which is standard) But cam & astro cannot be replaced by a standard USB-C cable or each other.

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Re: Astro kit detection

Post by kiwiapple »

I'm suddenly having the same issue--I have been using the Astro Kit successfully for months, and all of a sudden this morning (as I make sure all is working since I have an early morning session planned tomorrow) it is not detecting the Astro Kit. I hope this is something that I can fix myself before 3am!

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Re: Astro kit detection

Post by leo.raimondo »

I have the same issue... And less than 2 days to solve.
If anyone fixed the issue, please share the solution.

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Re: Astro kit detection

Post by astromox »

+1 same issues- anyone know a fix? I’ve used Thunderbolt 4 cable, emarked usb 3.0 C cable as well and no dice.

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Re: Astro kit detection

Post by Jmadhavan »

I have heard that the Astro cable is sometimes suspect. Get a few spare ones from B&H.
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