Pentax Users : My Current Recommendation

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Pentax Users : My Current Recommendation

Post by Ian.morgan »

Hi Forum !

Since the Pentax cameras are currently unsupported in any way , I thought I would share my setup for how I’m getting OK results so far for Astro.

1. Ensure the Polaris is mounted as per the attached photo , with the camera aimed as shown . If the lens has a tripod foot , use it . If your tripod has a grub screw to firmly hold the head to the tripod , use it . The Vanguard Alto shown has this and it makes the whole set up really solid.

2. Configure your camera to allow wifi access (Pentax K1ii , or K3iii). If you don’t have a camera with built in wifi , use a Pentax Flucard on the K3ii. On older Pentax camera’s , you would be limited to a remote shutter release instead.

Use Pentax Wifi Commander for PC :

3. Connect the Pc to the camera.

4. Connect your phone to the Polaris. Go to Astro mode .

5. Centre the head by double tapping the two controls .

6. Use an iPhone ‘level’ tool to check the head is level.

7. Return to the Polaris app and calibrate , holding the phone exactly as per the diagram .

8. Align to a star or planet in the app.

9. Use the live view feature in the Pc app to center the target .

10. Confirm in the Polaris app and ‘start tracking’ .

11. GoTo your target in the Polaris app.

12. Use the Pc liveview feature to get the best framing .
(Note that the PC software supports ‘planned shots’ in B, M and X mode)

Take some test shots !

Note : The forum isn’t letting me upload images at the moment . I’ll find a way to add photos soon .
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Re: Pentax Users : My Current Recommendation

Post by CraigBob »

As I don't want to use a PC out in the field, I would use the rear screen and a wired intervalometer or one of the Pentax Photo sync apps on a different phone or tablet.
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